The timeless elegance of stainless steel, which professional chefs have appreciated for many years, is now also available in the home. Stainless steel is perfect for integrating into any kitchen design. Its clean appearance means that it will fit neatly into your own personal room design.

Made from top - quality material that will last and last no matter how much punishment it is subjected to. A clean, aesthetically - pleasing, elegant solution. With stainless steel you can set a decisive visual tone. It underlines the tasteful atmosphere of the kitchen and can also be beautifully combined with traditional kitchen units.


A new look for the kitchen.
The elegant shape of Liebherrr's "swing design" appliances adds a harmonious note to refrigeration technology. The front of the appliances is slightly curved and the side edges are gently rounded. This gives the "swing design" appliances an elegant appearance - and an attractive look for your kitchen.

A whole new dimension in fresh food
and convience.
The transparent Biofresh drawers pull out easily on telescopic rails - that's how convenient fresh food can be.

The top drawer has a low humidity setting, which is ideal for storing meat and fish, Fruit and vegetables can be kept in optimum conditions in the bottom two Biofresh drawers which have a high humidity setting. The humidity in these two drawers can be varied between 45% and 90%.