Domestic Waste Disposal Units
For the complete kitchen

Simple to Fit
Quality and Choice
Environmentally Friendly
Eliminates Smell
Meeting the Demands of our Modern Lifestyle

With ever advancing technology, the kitchen is filled with devices which we find invaluable in assisting us in every day life. In meeting the demands of our modern lifestyle, we have indeed come to rely on a wealth of labour and time saving appliances MAXMATIC is an essential part of your kitchen plan.

Friendly to Your Environment

As waste is safely flushed through your existing drainage system, there is reduced reliance on refuse collection, associated fuel consumption and distribution to land fill sites with resultant methane emissions.

With MAXMATIC you can make a further positive contribution to your environment.

Effective & Convenient

Unpleasant odours from deteriorating food waste retained in pedal bins, health hazards from attracted pets and germs, unavoidable spillage and residue from semi-liquid foods such as casseroles, with MAXMATIC all become a thing of the past.

Pre and after meal waste is normally moved from plate, pan or pot to pedal bin with associated health and hygiene problems, simple to install and discretely located under your sink area, MAXMATIC disposes of virtually all food waste including small bones, at the flick of a switch. With food disposed of immediately through your sink outlet, cleared crockery and utensils can be moved directly to your dishwasher, leaving work surfaces and pedal bins free from unpleasant remnant food waste.

Is your Kitchen Complete?

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