Cornice and Profile Rapid Adhesive System
MitreBond is the first product to have been specifically designed and formulated for use with MDF cornice and light pelmet . Mitrebond also performs well with other timber and plastic components such as gallery rail, and is a perfect solution to many kitchen installer's previous jointing problems..

Mitrebond is so strong an adhesive that you hardly need more than one or two drops per pack joint, so used correctly one pack is sufficient for 100 cornice joints! Another advantage to using such a small amount, is the very clean and tight joint achievable every time.

MitreBond is ready to use straight away, no heating or mixing is necessary and it sets in 15 seconds there is no waiting time, you can get straight onto the next job. With MitreBond it is now possible to perfectly join cornice quickly and easily and with no mess!

  1. Apply one or two drops of adhesive onto one side only of the joint.
  2. Spray a tiny amount of activator onto the other side of the joint.
  3. Quickly bring the two sides into line and firmly press the joint together, hold for 15 seconds.
To join together MDF cornice, it is best to cut mitre joints, with an electric mitre saw e.g. ELU or Makita mitre saws.

Ensure that both surfaces to be joined are clean cut and are free from oil or grease stains, which can reduce adhesion.

Try the join "dry" first of all, to ensure it meets perfectly.

Using the dropper bottle remove the top and drop onto one side of

the joint face one or two drops of adhesive, taking care not to spill or touch any of the adhesive with skin.

Then using the activator spray a tiny amount onto the opposite side of the joint.

Quickly line up the two sides and offer these together, ensure the mitre is properly aligned and push the two sides together quite firmly, holding for 15 seconds

MitreBond is so strong an
adhesive that one pack is
sufficient for 100 joints!
The result is a rapid
and clean MitreBond!